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CCC0050: 50th Episode

Jim and Dan commemorate 50 Episodes of the podcast with clips from many of our past favorites!


02:40 Episode 1 Clip

03:46 Episode 2 Clip explaining why we are doing a podcast

06:20 Episode 40 Clip with Laura Westerman

08:10 Episode 42 Clip with Laura Reeves

11:50 Episode 16 Clip with Castle Learning

17:29 Episode 18 Clip with ISTE Review

22:50 Episode 32 Clip with Erin Quintero and Author Peter Nowak

Stay to the end you wont be sorry!

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CCC0031: Expanding the Class Outside of the Class Room

In this episode Dan, Jim and Maria talk about expanding the class outside the classroom space.

05:05  “In Case I’m Out” List

08:45  Essentials to the Virtual Learning Experience

12:50  Biggest Challenge of Off Site Learning

16:00  Value of Assigning Work Away from the Classroom

21:05  Value of Face-to-Face Instruction

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CCC0022: Using Technology to Differentiate

In this episode Jim and Dan are joined by West Irondequoit Central School District teachers Juliana Hillebrant, Zandy Tasber and Paul Reininger.  They discussed using technology to differentiate in their teaching

01:10  Differentiate of Technology

02:35 Talking with Students and their Interests

06:40 Technology Differentiate by Grouping

07:30 Differentiation Buzz Word Bingo

13:00 Reviewing for Exams Facilitated by Technology

18:05 Zandy Tasber

20:20 Juliana Hillebrant

28:00 Paul Reininger

30:24 Newer Tools to Help

36:31 Question of the Episode

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