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CCC0032: Author Peter Nowak

In this episode Jim and Erin Quintero interview Peter Nowak author of Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species.

01:18  Peter joins the show

03:55  Does He Still Feel the Same Way About Technology?

06:50  Moore’s Law

12:00  Projecting the Future?

16:10  Anticipating Skills Future Adults Will Need

23:10  Proactive About the Future World

33:40 Screen Time Issues

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Tristan Miller

CCC005: Computer Science Across K-12 with Tristan Miller

Computer science teacher Tristan Miller has incorporated STEM courses across the K-12 spectrum, started an e-Sports team, and is working on cybersecurity in high school. Learn more about these programs and future work!

[00:02:45] Question of the Week: What key skills best prepare students for a rapidly changing workplace?

[00:03:55] Tristan Miller Interview

[00:04:15] Building a CS program

[00:05:00] Code.org & Scratch

[00:06:30] Project Based Learning

[00:06:55] Flipping the Classroom

[00:07:45] Building Lifelong Learners

[00:08:00] Computer Language Specifics

[00:08:55] Design Thinking

[00:10:30] Gender Disparity in CS

[00:12:10] Cybersecurity Course in High School

[00:15:35] Maintaining a Current CS Curriculum

[00:17:10] Game Design Sequence

[00:22:48] eSports

[00:26:50] NASEF (http://www.esportsfed.org, #eSportsEDU)

[00:27:22] Question of the Day (interview)