Maria Behncke (@mariabehncke) has been a third-grade teacher in West Irondequoit for seven years.  For two of those years, she piloted 1:1 devices with the third-graders.  This led to her passion for the possibilities of using technology to enrich, expand, and enhance instruction, particularly for struggling or at-risk students.  She helps teachers to incorporate technology into their instruction in order to more effectively differentiate and meet individual needs.  She lets teachers see how technology can help them to provide feedback and challenge for students, and allow students to collaborate and stretch their thinking and their view of the world.

Jim Czadzeck

Jim Czadzeck (@jimczad) is an Instructional Technology Specialist at West Irondequoit Central School District, helping teachers improve their practice with contemporary pedagogical methods that help today’s digital learners excel.  With over 15 years of experience as a teacher of English Language Arts (7-12), he has explored a wide range of topics including technological solutions and innovations for instruction, standards-based grading and project-based learning, Socratic questioning and philosophical approaches, 21st-century skills and the habits of mind, and structuring learning experiences that encourage creativity and innovation. 

Dan Fullerton

Dan Fullerton (@aplusphysics) is director of technology at West Irondequoit Central School District, focusing on the purposeful integration of technology to enhance instruction for all students. Prior to this position, he was a physics instructor for 10 years, including work as author of the APlusPhysics website and series of books, and an adjunct professor of microelectronic engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. Dan is interested in standards-based grading, project-based learning, flipped classroom implementation, and building lifelong learners who are confident in their ability to teach themselves.