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Tim Terranova

CCC010: Tim Terranova Talks About Teaching

In this episode we interview Dr. Tim Terranova, deputy superintendent at West Irondequoit Central School District.  Tim talks about hiring and retaining top teaching talent, matching teaching demographics to student demographics, and highlights key characteristics of amazing instructors.

Our question of the episode is: What characteristics lead to fantastic teachers?

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04:00 EdTech Balderdash

08:15 Dr. Tim Terranova Interview

11:10 The Culture of Our District

16:20 The Hiring Process

20:50 Building More Diversity

25:00 What Aren’t Teachers Being Prepped For In Colleges

30:30 What Does He Hope To See With Technology

37:10 Students With Special Needs

42:10 Hosts Recap And Discuss The Interview


009A: Drive-Through NewsELA Pro

Jim and Maria introduce NewsELA Pro articles and features for personalized student content delivery and interaction. For more information, check out our website at or send us an e-mail at


Jim Thomas

CCC009: French Teacher Jim Thomas

Jim, Maria, Dan and Tracey talk about encouraging authentic learning experiences in the classroom, and solicit feedback to the feedback line at 346-FAQ-HELP.  Of course, you can always shoot us an e-mail at Next, Jim conducts a fantastic interview with Irondequoit High School French Teacher Jim Thomas!

Allison Thompson

CCC008: Tech Director Allison Thompson

In this episode we interview Allison Thompson, director of technology at St. Gerard Catholic School in Lansing, Michigan.  She talks about balancing instruction with technical support, the Triple E Framework from Liz Kolb, building foundational tech skills, and embracing creative freedom in the classroom.

Our question of the episode is: What strategies do you use to insure technology is used to collaborate and not isolate?

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00:52 Question of the Episode
05:24 Collaborative Whiteboarding Software
07:20 Allison Thompson Interview
07:56 Transition to Tech Director
10:05 Balancing Instruction with IT Support
11:57 Technology Planning Committee
13:34 Purposeful Integration of Technology
13:53 The Triple E Framework (Liz Kolb)
14:50 Engagement vs. Educational Growth
16:35 New Michigan Standards based on ISTE Standards
17:10 ‘Thompson Island’ Persuasive Research Project
19:50 Modeling and Building Foundational Skills
21:00 Learning to Troubleshoot
21:40 Embracing Creative Freedom in the Classroom
22:20 Community Engagement and Social Media Sharing
23:15 Evaluating Tech Integration
23:50 Crossfit & Burpees
24:25 Words of Wisdom
25:35 Contact Information @AllisonTEDU
26:10 A Critique of Engagement as a Primary Goal
31:54 Next Episode – Jim Thomas, IHS French Teacher

CCC006: Maker Space and STEAM with Sarah Davis and Anna Bayerl

Jim Czadzeck talks to Anna Bayerl and Sarah Davis about STEAM and Maker Space programs as well as student podcasting, and we welcome Richard Jones to the district, the podcast, and the IT team!

004: Kim Cristal and the Social Studies Revolution

Dan interviews Kim Cristal, social studies curriculum coordinator, about the shift in social studies teaching from names and dates to focused historical research, analysis of sources from differing perspectives, and application of learnings to new and unique situations. Also, we hear from listeners as to their educational technology wish lists for 2019! Check it out at, and feel free to leave us feedback on our feedback line at 346-FAQ-HELP.

Question of the day for this episode: How do you develop critical thinking skills in your classroom?  Let us know at 346-FAQ-HELP!

00:00 Note to Audience

00:55 Introduction

01:45 Review previous question of the week: What ed tech are you looking forward to in 2019?

01:52 Colleen discusses frustrations with cell phones in the classroom and her wish for an adaptive questioning algorithm.

04:30 Tim requests a segment on implementing Desmos in a high school mathematics classroom.

05:15 This week’s question: How do you incorporate critical thinking skills in your classroom?  Give us a call at 346-FAQ-HELP!

05:45 Dan interviews Kim Cristal, social studies curriculum coordinator at West Irondequoit Central School District

06:24 What changes are occurring in social studies

09:23 First high school citizenship conference

15:10 Newsela Pro in the classroom

19:50 Push for more time to better use the tools available

22:51 Closing