CCC0049: Assessment Data and the Classroom Environment

Jim is joined by West Irondequoit Central School District’s Director of Humanities Kim Cristal and West Irondequoit Director of STEAM and Adjunct Professor at University of Rochester Orlando Marrero

03:45  Great Ways People are Using Assessment Data Already

06:45 What Can Assessment Be?

12:50 Other Instructions Beyond the Traditional Model

16:55 Instruction Models of the Future

24:10 Hope for the Future for Data Gathered

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CCC0048: Instructional Approaches

Jim and TLC Director and IHS Chemistry Teacher Cecilia Young talk about new instructional approaches available and implementing them!

02:13  Asynchronous Courses

12:35 Jennifer Godfried 4th Grade Teacher and Microsoft OneNote

19:35 Taylor Lanham Family and Consumer Science Teacher using FlipGrid

27:12 Sara Edell 3rd Grade Teacher and


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CCC0047: 2021-2022 Year

Jim and Dan get together to look at the changes going into the 2021-22 school year.

04:48 End of the Year Surveys and What We Learned

07:49 New Help Desk

10:00 Student Run Help Desk

20:10 Alignment

21:20 TEAMS for File Sharing

25:20 Feedback and Grading

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CCC0046: End of the Year Lookback

Jim, Maria and Dan get together to look back at the last year in this end of the year review.

04:10 Great Things Done and Innovations

09:05 Communications Challenge

10:20 Challenges From the Start

15:20 How Do You Organize Your Materials on Apps?

22:30 Where Do We Go When We Come Out of This?

28:30 Thoughts for the Future?

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CCC0045: Stories from 2020-2021 Teaching

Jim, Jamie Armstrong and Laura Westerman talk candidly about the 2020-2021 school year. The hits, the misses, the absurd and the outright funny! The original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees

03:00 The 2020-2021 Dumpster Fire

06:20 Feedback From Teachers and Students

06:53 Let the Funny and Odd Stories Begin

13:25 Laura Talks About Being Rick-Rolled

21:50 Over-The-Shoulder-Parent-Check-Ins

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CCC0044: Reflecting on Full-Online Teaching – Q&A

What have our teachers of full-online classes learned that could be shared with our hybrid classes with a few online students at the high school? What tasks designed for full-online student success can be applied to all classrooms? What works and what problems are still present?  Jim is joined by Laura Reeves and Karen Finter and the original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees.

03:10 Funny Stories and Frustrations

05:24 Passive Aggressive Students

10:20 Schoology Assessments

13:35 Recommendations That Make A Difference

19:08 Powerpoint Collaboration

28:00 Challenges Faced That You feel Better About Now

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CCC0043: Q&A: How Can Students Make Videos?

In this podcast, we review the best ways students can use tools available in our district to create videos to share their learning.  The original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees.

02:20 How To Create A Video In Powerpoint

07:30 How To Use Stream With Students

15:10 Megan Langley-Cass joins

18:03 Basic Video Assignments

18:28 Powerpoint Videos

19:38 Scripting It Out In Pieces

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CCC0042: Schoology Assessments Q&A

Teachers in our district have started to use the assessment material type in Schoology in some innovative and effective ways. Rethink the traditional assessment and learn how to use the assessment tool to administer it in a digital landscape. Join Laura Reeves and Jim for a demonstration and exploration of this tool.  The original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees.

01:40 Using Assessment and Test and Quizes

05:45 How Algerbra 1 Team Uses Test/Quiz Feature Weekly

08:20 Randomizing Question

10:10 Labelling Diagrams

15:30 Diving in With An Idea of What You Want It To Look Like

19:15 Things We’d Like to See

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CCC0041: eDoctrina for Online Assessments

Are online assessments the right fit for you? Ari Kramer and Shane Surek join Jim Czadzeck to chat about the benefits of using eDoctrina for online assessments. After, Troy Schlesing provides a thorough overview of how to create online. The original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees.


02:20 Shane and Ari discuss their experience

05:20 Gathering Data and Filtering

10:04 Paper Version Feedback

12:35 Time Limit on Assessment

18:02 Troy Schlesing joins with a thorough overview

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CCC0040: Accountability in the Digital Landscape

Accountability in the Digital Landscape Q&A. How can we use Schoology and other tools to better direct students to complete work while also helping them build independence and ownership of work. Jim Czadzeck. Laura Westerman, and Katrina Bean share some options built in to our LMS and instructional tips. The original video is here for West Irondequoit Employees.


04:08 One Drive in Schoology ‘in progress’ tab

07:40 Powerpoint for Accountability and Assessment

18:45 How Do You Know They Are Watching the Videos

22:45 Test Quiz feature of Schoology

26:20 Katrina Beam on Student Completion Rules in Schoology

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